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Does a heavy accent impede communication? We teach simple scientific techniques that help you learn the American accent quickly and easily.
Cultural awareness is a valuable resource when acclimating to a foreign environment. Learning the traditions and cultures is essential to your success. Check out our cultural immersion program.
For non-native speakers English is a chellenging language to master. With the help of our certified staff, you will become increasingly better in your overall.
Can your English use some improvement? Become confident and proficient in the English language with our ESL course.

Why ACI?

  • We are the best in this business

    We understand the language barriers non-native English speakers face and the challenge of uncovering the many idiosyncrasies of American culture. At American Cultural Immersion, we strive to aid those who need to improve their speaking, pronunciation, and English language skills. We have certified instructors versed in assisting people from many different cultures from all around the globe.

  • We provide customized solutions specially designed for you

    Every language has its own sounds, rhythms, and peculiarities, and it can be difficult to adapt to an entirely new set of rules and sounds involved in learning a new language. At ACI, we customize a program to fit your specific needs. Whether you are fluent in English and could use elocution coaching, or new to the language and seek proficiency, we can help you.

  • We are certified professionals

    ACI's teachers are trained business and communication consultants with a bachelors or masters. All of our instructors hold TEFL certifications or are licensed speech Pathologists from an accredited University.

Our Services

The American Cultural Immersion (ACI) is a virtual English language coaching business servicing local and international individuals seeking to improve their knowledge of the English language and of American culture. Based out of Hartford, CT, ACI strives to help our student’s build confidence in their pronunciation, American accent, writing, interpersonal communication, and cultural awareness in business and social settings.


Ms. Howard has been helping me improve my English skills and their class is designed for my problematic areas. Thus, I am able to work on my weaknesses intensively. I have improved my accent, grammar and email writings and think the best part of this program is their integrated, tailored and flexible classes and Accent reduction program.

Saeko Chichibu

I went to 3 schools in DC area before attending ACI for Accent Reduction. I did not feel comfortable in the other programs. The teacher I had was very friendly and gave lots of feedback. She was also interesting and I love my speech now.

Miyung Jahng

This was a wonderful course. The classes were fun, and very easy to understand. We were given tons of resources to help better our understanding and reduce the accent as well as improve our cultural understanding. I will recommend this course to all future colleagues and friends.

Mai Akamine

They were flexible with pricing, knowing that I had a budget and couldn’t spend tomuch, worked with me from day one. I started with their accent class but now working on speech and writing.My coach Linda is so knowledgeable, recommend her!

Mi-hi Kim

ACI has helped me improve my accent tremendously. I feel more confident when I speak and when I pronounce even the most difficult English words. They also taught me a lot about American business culture which has helped me to retain my employees and customers which has helped my business substantially. I also think going out in DC and learning American culture in a ‘hands-on’ way gave me a much a better grasp of American culture and business practices.

Ophelia Zhao

I really enjoyed every session that I had with my coach, she really helped me to learn something new. They also showed me how to be more confident in American Culture. When I first arrived in the US my speech and accent was horrible. I now feel much more comfortable with the new environment. I also have a lot of American friends now and can talk without having to be nervous of my speech. Jessica is the best American Teacher!

Avatar Kumar

The training program was exactly what we had wanted. Our coach did an excellent job and really understood Spanish culture. Each session was full of new information and helped us to understand our own cultural differences as well as provided us with useful tools to help us be more effective at work and with other Americans.

Sofia Gonzalez

My husband and I have worked with Jessica for a little while now. Jessica Howard is always on time and reliable. She has helped our son improve his English in ways we did not think imaginable. He doesn’t get confused when speaking Spanish and English anymore. The method Jessica used to teach him was extremely beneficial. He enjoyed every second of it. We will be continuing to use Jessica for her knowledge. She has also helped us maintain our family values and culture which was a problem we were having before she came.

Kemal Hagia

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